37 i 1 kasse Sensor Kit Til Arduino Startere mærke på lager, god kvalitet lav pris

37 i 1 kasse Sensor Kit Til Arduino Startere mærke på lager, god kvalitet lav pris

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Tags: køkken timer, ds18b20 vandtæt, arduino, wifi stikkontakten temperatur-sensor, carbon motor, 2560 arduino mega, arduino nano, tuya zigbee, bme280 sensor, zigbee.


slutningen 37-i-1 Sensor Modul-Kit-Pakken indeholder: 1 x Lille passiv buzzer-modul 1 x 2-farve-LED-modul 1 x Ramt sensor modul 1 x Vibrationer skifte modul 1 x Foto modstand modul 1-x-Tasten for at skifte modul 1 x Tilt skifte modul 1 x 3-farve fuld farve LED SMD-moduler 1 x Infrarød emission sensor modul 1 x 3-farve-LED-modul 1 x Kviksølv åbne optisk modul 1 x Yin Yi 2-farve LED-modul 3 MM 1 x Aktiv buzzer-modul 1 x Temperatur sensor modul 1 x Automatisk blinkende farverige LED-modul 1 x Mini magnetisk reed moduler 1 x Hall magnetisk sensor modul 1 x Infrarød sensor modtager modul 1 x Klasse Bihor magnetisk sensor 1 x Magic light cup-modul 1 x Rotary encoder modul 1 x Optisk brudt modul 1 x Registrere hjerteslag modul 1 x Reed-modul 1 x Hindring undgåelse sensor modul 1 x Jagten sensor modul 1 x Mikrofon lyd sensor modul 1 x Laser sensor modul 1 x 5V relæ-modul 1 x Temperatur sensor modul 1 x Temperatur sensor modul 1 x Lineær magnetiske Hall-sensorer 1 x Flamme sensor modul 1 x Følsom mikrofon sensor modul 1 x Temperatur og luftfugtighed sensor modul 1 x XY-akset joystick-modul 1 x Metal-touch sensor modul 1 x Max

  • Mærke: EQV
  • Materiale: Blanding
  • Type: Biosensor
  • Model-Nummer: 37 i 1
  • Teori: 37 i 1
  • Brug: 37 i 1
  • Udgang: Analog Sensor
Esochova 10 2021-01-29 Completeness corresponds. It came quickly. There are questions to the transport company: The Courier issued the package and ran away without even giving it a look (and correctly done). I also did not ask to sign for receipt, they could get anyone. Packaging was broken, envelope edge torn, box was broken, sensors are crumpled (elements are bent at different angles. The performance of the sensors still has not checked, but personally for me it is not a problem (I will restore even if great damage will be). In general, the purchase is satisfied. I ordered a special kit that would not buy one sensor and what half (if not more) I do not need .. nehai-let them roll because they do not ask for food, they do not take up much space. The box is a pity-it would be convenient to store it 5/5
Sankung 10 2021-01-19 all wery good!!! 5/5
Voloshinaira 2020-10-19 Delivery in 23 days. Quality is good. Description is correct. I recommend the seller! Thank you very much!!! Delivery in 23 days. Good quality. The description is correct. I recommend the seller! Thank you very much !!! 5/5
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